Our Mission Music truly does have the uncanny ability to unite people. Our goal is to use this universal language to open up hearts and minds to our message of understanding, tolerance, respect and peace toward ALL people.

Our People Founder Jeff Haas and his uber-talented quintet perform Haas’ original music, a blend of jazz, classical and ethnic music. This group of multi-cultural, nationally renowned musicians not only raise the roof when they play, but also share compelling personal stories about how bullying, prejudice and disrespect have affected their own lives.

School Programs Our Stop the Bullying! workshops feature live music by the Jeff Haas Quintet. Kids of all ages enjoy the music and engage with the musicians on the important topic of bullying.

Workplace Programs Our live-music workshops in the workplace focus on diversity issues… this is one diversity training opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Video! Click here to view a short video that showcases what we do.

Bring Bridges to your school With the seemingly endless discussion about bullying these days – in schools and in the workplace – we believe that each of us must take personal responsibility for our words and actions. Using live music as a platform to allow people to examine their own thoughts and attitudes about people who are different has proven to be extremely effective. .

Volunteer We are always looking for people to help us spread our important message!

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