Building Bridges with Music is passionate and committed to bringing music and a strong anti-bullying message to school-aged children. The universal language of music is the ideal vehicle to enable the kids to open their hearts and minds to the message – everyone deserves respect.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where disrepect is more the norm than the exception. From television shows to politics, there are very few role models for young people today. Our program highlights the very behaviors that can snowball into more problematic behavior if not made aware of and stopped. Some of these are seemingly innocent, for example, a sarcastic comment made to someone, followed by “I was just kidding!” This kind of hurtful behavior toward others is commonplace, and very often leads to increased negative behavior and bullying.

The Building Bridges with Music program has proven to impact attitudes and behaviors and provides a foundation for peaceful living aimed to stop the incidences of disrespect and bullying in classrooms, hallways and on the playground. The program will:
• Teach students to be open-minded, recognize the similarities between people that may be different, be respectful, understanding, and accepting.
• Provide tools and skills necessary to be responsible citizens, such as problem-solving and conflict resolution.


Increased diversity in the workplace can create interpersonal challenges. In a diverse environment, people will have different points of view about how to solve problems and complete tasks. These differences can, and do, sometimes lead to misunderstanding.

Building Bridges with Music workshops feature live music performed by the Jeff Haas Quintet. These nationally renowned musicians represent a variety of cultures, generations and gender. Using Haas’ original music – a blend of jazz, R&B, and ethnic music – the program includes commentary and interactive discussion about diversity and its impact on communication, performance, teambuilding and productivity in the workplace. This entertaining yet effective approach can provide tremendous benefits in terms of improved morale, greater teamwork, and an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.