Entertaining & Engaging Young People

A motivational speaker in a school workshop for kids


“Music is a safe and comfortable place to practice open-mindedness.” -Jeff Haas, Founder

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! & STOP the Bullying! workshops always start with live music. Students enter the auditorium, gym or cafeteria to the sounds of the Building Bridges with Music Quintet-a vibrant and diverse groups of professional musicians from around the Midwest. The entertaining original music, composed by founder Jeff Haas, performed during our workshops blends jazz, R&B, ethnic and classical music into a very accessible style that has captured the hearts of audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Using this unique blend of seemingly disparate musical styles, participants are encouraged to 'practice' open-mindedness as it relates first to music. The discussion quickly segues to the importance of practicing open-mindedness and respect for all people, especially those from different cultures, religions and backgrounds as well as people who face challenges with learning, language, personal health and just getting around. The musicians also share very personal stories about how bullying, prejudice and hatred have impacted their lives. By the close of the workshop, participants learn how to practice these lessons in their everyday lives.

Workplace & Community Centers

Diversity in the workplace and in our communities are opportunities for growth and understanding that often challenge our personal preconceptions and paradigms. Building Bridges with Music addresses these challenges with live music, compelling personal stories and interactive conversations about shared experiences that shed light on the mutual benefits of open-mindedness, respect and team work in the workplace and in our community.

Events Calendar

If you are interested in bringing our R-E-S-P-E-C-T! or STOP the Bullying! workshops to your school, community center or workplace in 2021, please email your request to: [email protected]